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"Flexible Working Strategy Session”

Do you need advice on flexible working? Are you feeling unsupported by your current workplace or uncertain how to find a flexible job that fits in around your family?

This 50 minute phone support session will help you break down the layers of complexity and begin developing a strategy for achieving flexible working arrangements, and a sought after balance between career and home life.

During this call we can provide advice on anything to do with flexibility, including:

  • Overview of the different types of flexibility available
  • Family friendly recruitment advice
  • Recommendations around what might be suitable for your job, team, employer and industry
  • Information on your legal rights
  • Steps to apply for flexibility
  • Tips for creating a successful application
  • What to do if you are not successful
  • How to re-design your role from full time to flexible
  • Gap analysis
  • Problem solving 
  • Negotiation advice

Special Introductory Price - $100 for a 50 minute session (phone or video) to develop your strategy around flexibility in the workplace. 

"My Flex Work" (Negotiate Flexible Working Arrangements)

Do you want to apply for flexible work arrangements at your workplace? 

Our My Flex Work package will see you partnered with a legally qualified, Human Resources consultant who is specialised in flexible working arrangements. 

We will work with you to create a customised flexible working arrangements application that allows you to balance work and family. 

Our advice draws on HR expertise to help you understand and access the full range of flexibility options available to you; delivering a practical and realistic arrangement that provides you with the precious time that you need, while minimising the impact on your salary and career trajectory. 

As well as building a customised application and business case in consultation with you, you will also receive guidance to help you negotiate with your employer, and dedicated support whenever you need it during the 21 day application review period.


"Return to Work"

Returning from work after parental leave can be an intimidating process, particularly if you are seeking to secure flexible working arrangements or flexible working hours.

Employees registering for this program will be supported by legally qualified HR Manager who is passionate about flexible working and finding success as a working parent. 

Throughout the course of the coaching relationship, we will provide you strategies to help you return to work with confidence. Coaching can focus on any of the following:

-  Re-establish your networks

-  Setting boundaries

-  Overcome challenges and conflict

-  Understand and overcome flexism

-  Develop a career or return to work strategy

-  Plan for conflicts between work and family

Family Friendly Job Search

We support job seekers who are looking for a more family friendly employer with great flexible working policies.

Please contact us today to find out more about how we can support your job search.